• Canyon Run


Canyon Whitewater Run

Hang on! It’s whitewater ahead! You’ll get wet and enjoy every minute of it as we head for Healy, 11 miles down river.
Get into real whitewater rafting as you hang on through thrilling rapids such as “Razorback”, “Coffee Grinder”, and “Ice Worm”!

You have your choice of Oar Rafts or Paddle Rafts  (It takes 5 participants to paddle, when possible we combine parties to reach five or more).
Both oar rafts and paddle rafts run the same rapids on the river.  Perfect for 1st timers, an oar raft, is rowed by the guide while rafters sit, hold on and enjoy the view.  In a paddle raft you will be expected to follow instructions and be an active participant by paddling the raft down river.  You still have a guide but everyone has a paddle and the guide instructs you on how and when to paddle.
Our Shuttle Service provides pickup from local lodging, plus transportation to and from the river.


  • $130.00 per person oar and/or paddle
  • $130.00 per person paddle raft (12 & older, requires 5 paddlers).
  • Plan to be with us for 3 hours.
  •  2024 Daily Check-in times are:
    10:00 a.m. (June 5th-Sept 3rd)
    3:00 p.m. (May 20th to Sept 10th)
    6:30 p.m. (May 20th-Aug 23rd)
    Changing to 5:30 PM (Aug 24-Sept 3)
  • Suitable for ages 12 years and older.

Recommend clothing:

  • Warm outdoor Clothes
  • Dress in layers (avoid cotton if possible)
  • A wool or fleece beanie style hat
  • Two pair wool socks
  • Eye glass retainers

We provide a Gore-Tex drysuit, neoprene booties, and a life jacket.

Canyon Oar:

Canyon Paddle:

Booking & Cancellation Policy

To book a raft tour payment in full is required at time of booking. To cancel and receive a partial refund you must notify us via e-mail seven days before your trip departure. Cancellations after time of booking will incur a 10% cancellation fee. No refunds will be issued for trips cancelled within seven days of the departure time. All trips depart rain or shine. If you would like to apply a discount please e-mail us for the promo code before you complete your booking. All Dry-suits have latex gaskets on the neck, wrists and socks. Please inquire if you have a latex allergy.

 All Rates are for 2024 raft season.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Trips are offered from May 20th to September 10  seasonally.

We offer Military discounts for our active soldiers and their party, as well as group discounts starting at 10 or more. Call or email for more information. Discounts must be applied at time of booking call to book. Last minute arrivals are always welcome, but to guarantee space on the trip of your choice, reservations are highly recommended. Trips fill up quickly, so please make reservations early.

Try it for fun! Experience rafting in Denali at its finest!

“We had a great time with Denali Raft Adventures. Our guides Chris and Dylan were so fun and clearly knew what they were doing. We chose the activity with rapids reaching level IV, but always felt safe and never scared. This is a testament to the paddling skill of the guide on our boat, Chris. The suits they have you wear are amazing! Great way to see the scenery from a different viewpoint. Overall, highly recommend!”