COVID-19 Policies

This page is for all things relating to your Denali Vacation and Covid19


“All people arriving in Alaska, whether resident, worker, or visitor are required to have a negative Covid-19 test, or are required to self-quarantine for 14 days and monitor for illness” (per Alaska State Health Mandate 010).

More information available here: AND

Covid-19 Booking & Cancellation Policy:

To book a raft tour no payment is required at the time of booking. Full payment is required seven days prior to the trip date. Cancellations after time of payment will incur a 10% cancellation fee. No refunds will be issued for trips cancelled within 48 hours of the departure time. To protect staff and guests, anyone with Covid-19 exposure or symptoms on the day of the trip will be refunded and will not be allowed to go rafting. Masks are mandatory at all times for guests and employees except while in the raft. Masks are available. There will be no refunds for guests who refuse to wear a mask.

Changes to our operations to protect you!

We are focused on providing a fun time on the water while protecting the health of our guests and employees. To do this, we’ve implemented a number of changes including:

●       Touchless check-in procedures including online waivers and prepayment in full (online or over the phone)

●       All guests and employees must wear a cloth face covering at all times except while rafting (including check-in, on the bus).

●       All equipment provided to and used by guests, including rafts, suits, boots, PFDs, and helmets will be properly sanitized per CDC guidelines.

●       All guests and employees will keep 6ft distance when possible.

●       All households will be separated by at least 6ft from other households when possible.

What kind of lodging is available in Denali?

●       Denali Cabins (opening:June 12th) (Address:George Parks Highway Mile 229, ~ 7 mi from DRA) (phone #:1-800-808-8068) (

●       Denali Bluffs (opening:July 1st) (

●       Denali Backcountry Lodge (opening:June 13th) (

●       Mckinley Creekside (opening:June 1st) (

●       Lakeview Inn (open) (

●       Aurora Denali lodge (open) (

●       Denali Dome home (open) (

●       Airbnb (open) (

●       Denali Hostel (opening: June 4th)(

●       Rainbow Village RV Park (motel, RV) (

●       Crow’s Nest (opening: June 5th) (

●      Vacation Rental:

●   Denali Grizzly Bear Resorts:

What else can I do in Denali that is open?

●       Hiking, backpacking, camping

○       Denali National Park (

○       Denali State Park (

●      Guided Hiking tours

○       Traverse Alaska (

●       ATV excursions

○       Denali ATV (

●       Jeep excursions

○       Denali Jeep (

●       Zipline

○       Denali Zipline (

●       Mountain Bike Rental

●       Golfing

○       Black Diamond (

●       Scenic Drives


●       Flight Tours

○       Denali

■       Denali Air (

●       Bus Tours

○       Denali (

■       Denali Backcountry Adventures (opening:June13th to Kantishna) (

●       Chena Hot Springs (

●       Fountainhead antique auto museum (Fairbanks) (

●       Sled Dog demonstration and tours

○       Husky Homestead (

●       Fishing Tours

Our favorite dining options:

●       Prospector’s Pizza

●       Panorama Pizza

●       Cafe at Creekside

●       49th state brewery

●       Healy Thai (food truck)

●       Black Diamond Restaurant

●       Subway

●       The Prey (at Denali Cabins)

●       MooseAKAs

●       229 Parks

Ready to come to Denali? Here’s how you get here:

First you will need to fly into the state:

●       Anchorage (ANC) is the largest airport, located about a 4hr drive South of Denali.

●       Fairbanks (FAI) is a smaller airport with comparable fares, located only a 2hr drive north of Denali.

Pickup your rental car or taxi to the Train/Bus station

If you are not renting a car or driving yourself to the area, you can take a Train or Bus from Anchorage or Fairbanks to Denali:

●       Train (available starting July 1st) (Alaska Railroad) ( (800-544-0552)

○       Anchorage to Denali is an appx 8hr ride

○       Fairbanks to Denali is an appx 4hr ride

○       Return trips are available to get you back to the airport

●       Bus (available starting July 1st)(Park Connection) ( (800-266-8625)

○       Anchorage to Denali is an appx 4hr ride

○       Fairbanks to Denali is an appx 2 hr ride

If you are renting a car, head 2 hours south on the George Parks Highway. Denali Raft Adventures is located at Mile Marker 238.6 on a strip of business just outside Denali National Park (Mile Marker 237.4)

If you have arrived in the area without your own transportation, most local hotels and lodges have arranged shuttles to pick up guests from the train / bus station. Unfortunately there is no taxi service in the local area and Uber / Lyft is typically unavailable. Please be sure to arrange your travel beforehand. When it comes to the day of your trip, we do offer pickup from local Denali lodging but please place this request at least a few days in advance.